Inca Cosec

Creation of share registers

Shareholder agreements

Transfer of shares

Allotment of shares

Issuing of share certificates

Acquisition of shares by the  Company

Amendments to MOI /adoption of new MOI

Name change of entity

Creation of share classes/increase in authorised shares

Conversion from par value to no par value shares

Company Register

Submission of annual return and financial accountability supplement

New Company registrations

Conversion of Close Corporation to Private Company

Re-instatement of Company/Close Corporation

Deregistration of Company / Close Corporation

Changing the financial year-end

Changing the registered office

Appointing / resigning the auditor

Maintenance of statutory records and custodian of statutory records

Registration and formation of Trusts

Registration for Tax, VAT, PAYE

Public Officer appointment

Registration for WCA and UIF

Master correspondent

Other Services